Strategic Management Articles

  • Parsing the Association
    Bruce Butterfield, President, The Forbes Group
    Associations need to rethink product and service pricing has members become more demanding of value. Why not allow them to buy short-term memberships, portions of meetings, chapters of books, paragraphs of articles instead of the whole thing?... more
  • Keeping Your Head
    Bruce Butterfield, President, The Forbes Group
    Keeping a cool head in scary times isn't easy, but it's essential. Here are some tips for moving beyond survival to revival. ... more
  • Ending Information Socialism
    Bruce Butterfield, President, The Forbes Group
    Associations give away their best products and services for free or cheap. It's time to end "information socialism" and look for the real price points that will generate significant income based on customer-determined value ... more
  • Three Strategies for an Uncertain Future
    Bruce Butterfield, , President and CEO, The Forbes Group
    Execs are asking what they can do to protect themselves in the future from the significant losses many are experiencing from cancelled and underattended meetings. We advise three things: diversify, virtualize and parallel plan (think, plan and act simultaneously).... more
  • Avoiding The Strategic Implementation Trap
    Most staff execs throw up their hands when asked how they will translate the aspirations of their boards into member services. This leads to member cynicism and board dissatisfaction with staff performance. This article offers a step-by-step solution to this problem.... more
  • Closing The Gap Between Your Strategic And Work Plans
    Most strategic plans are never implemented because they are not tied directly to the association's work plan and budget. Follow the four steps in this article and you will be left with a smaller number of strong programs that are directly targeted at meeting member needs and can be funded.... more