Research Articles

  • Create Your Own CIA: Scan, Clip & Review
    We are rapidly becoming an information -based economy. Associations are basically information resources by their very nature. Any association that has not figured out how to stay on top of the flood of knowledge will fall behind in its ability to satisfy the needs of its members and constituencies. The CIA has a venerable system that has stood the test of time.... more
  • Try Focusing On Focus Groups
    While survey research is designed to measure (provide quantitative information), focus groups are designed to explain (qualitative analysis). There is an appropriate place for both in your research design.... more
  • Good Question...
    In this award-winning article, the authors explain the basic guidelines for producing association surveys that work.... more
  • How To Stop The Membership Drain
    Most members join an association to meet specific needs they can identify. Launching membership drives without solid information on what members want and need may only perpetuate or aggravate member turnover.... more
  • Do You Know What Is On Your Members' Minds?
    Only by undertaking a survey with a statistically reliable sample can your association's leadership be assured that the feedback they are getting is truly the voice of the membership.... more
  • Research Gains Publicity, Members And Revenue
    This article discusses four types of survey research that can be hidden gold mines for your association: cost of doing business information; purchasing intention information; salary surveys; and general interest information.... more
  • Surveys Can Produce Publicity, Revenue And Members
    Properly designed surveys can serve a multiplicity of purposes simultaneously: they can provide a service to members, they can serve as a public relations platform, and they can be a revenue producer for your association.... more