Organization Articles

  • Defining Your Role As Chief Staff Executive
    The responsibility of the board is to make policy and define the outcomes they expect from staff. The responsibility of staff is to achieve those outcomes within the policies established by the board. Here are some principles to follow in the delegation of responsibilities to staff.... more
  • What To Do When Membership Demands Special Attention
    In today's increasingly complex society, the "one size fits all" approach to programming no longer works. However, associations tend to respond to the need to be more responsive by creating more structure and bureaucracy. Here are some ways to be more responsive without increasing the burden.... more
  • Changing Roles Of National And Affiliate Associations
    Many national associations are at war with their chapters and affiliates. When resources are scarce, competition to sell goods and services to members can set affiliates and their national association at each other's throats. The struggle is to determine who will benefit from these revenues.... more
  • The Dead C -- Should Associations Be Tax Exempt?
    Bruce Butterfield Chris Mahaffey, The Forbes Group American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    Thereís a buzz about future models in the association community, and itís intensifying. Whatís driving this? Loss of investment income, the recession, declines in certain business sectors, declines in meeting attendance and traditional product sales, uncertainty about new customers (especially the 20- and 30-somethings) are amplifying the conversation. In the future, does the 501c6 tax exemption make sense? Has it ever?... more