Leadership Articles

  • The Fourth Dimension - The Spirit at Work
    Susan Burton, CAE, Senior Vice President, The Forbes Group
    In a world of uncertainty, it is important for executives to put their spiritual side in play personally and professionally. Here are several frameworks to seek the transcendent good in work.... more
  • TheTao of Leadership: Beyond Action and Non-Action
    Susan Burton, CAE, Senior Vice President, The Forbes Group
    In western thinking, it's either or. In eastern thinking, it's both and. Sometimes leadership means taking the action of not acting. How is this possible? How can non-action be both acting and not acting?... more
  • Leadership and the Bhagavad Gita
    By Susan Burton, CAE Senior Vice President , The Forbes Group
    Robert Rosen, in Global Literacies, exhorts Americans to learn from other cultures to enhance our effectiveness as executives. The Bhagavad Gita, one of the key Indian scriptures, can be viewed as an executive primer with lessons on how to achieve true greatness as a leader.... more
  • Beyond the Flatlands
    Susan Burton, CAE Senior Vice President, The Forbes Group
    In a society used to "rational" thought, can we move beyond what author Ken Wilber calls the Flatland, the idea that the sensory and empirical and material world is the only world there is?... more
  • Do You Suffer From CEO Disease? Find Out...
    CEO disease has sapped American competitive potential by distracting the chief executive and siphoning off corporate resources for exotic luxuries and compensation packages. What's not well known is that on a smaller scale, CEO disease is also raging at many association headquarters.... more