Technology Articles

  • Get Ready For The Big Bang
    The size of transistors has been shrinking 10% a year for the past 30 years, quadrupling memory every 3 years. An inexpensive home computer today packs more memory than a mainframe did in the 1980s and does it better. Imagine what a PC will do in 10 years... more
  • The Internet: Garbage Or Information Feast?
    The information on the Net is staggering but relatively simple to find. Type in a key word and you will have more information on that subject than you knew existed. What's more, you will have it in seconds rather than days or weeks.... more
  • Ahead Of The Curve: A Technology Primer For CSE's
    The new competitive battlefield will be how to separate the information wheat from the chaff and make it available to people in easy to digest "information pills." Many vendors will scramble to provide this service. Don't let them eat your lunch.... more